AI Family Challenge India

About the Challenge

Iridescent introduces the AI Family Challenge Program through Curiosity Machine Team for the students to learn AI concepts along with their families.

Our Metoomentor joins with Curiosity Machine Team aims to give the opportuinity to 8 Cities in India. We plan to train the students in AI along with families to innovate/re-create new ideas and solve the problem using existing things that we have.

How the Challenge Works

Your child is the future. So is artificial intelligence.

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Family Participation

The AI Family Challenge invites Families to learn about Artificial Intelligence technology.

  • Paricipants only need one account for their family. Please check out Sites Section.
  • Once Families signup/register with their sites, they will have access to the AI Family Challenge design challenges.
  • Families can access AI Family Challenge resources/materials to complete the challenge and submit their ideas.
  • We have coaches to teach the Family about Artificial Intelligence and EDP Process to work on the design challenges
  • First 5 sessions will be handled by our Coaches to teach the AI concetps to Families.
  • Your coach will send important updates and reminders.

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Coaches Participation

We offer multiple ways for professional scientists and engineers to get involved with our programs.

  • They are a Bridge between Metoomentor and Families.
  • They will lead Families to complete the AI Family Challenge.
  • They should recruit at least 30 families for the Challenge and have to retain them throughout the year 2018.
  • They are responsible for the families who are registered using the Special URL under their site.
  • Metoomentor already created accounts for all the 8 Cities. The coaches will have access to AI Family Challenge resources to help the families to complete and submit their ideas.
  • Please watch the above video to know more about the coaches resposnabilities.

Why AI?

In Future, AI would be the key concept to make the world better place to live! We aims to give opportunity to the Students along with their one of the support systems called Families to get to know the Fundamentals of AI concepts and EDP Process (Engineering Design Process). For a Single Problem Statment, they will bring various creative solutions!

The AI Family Challenge invites you to learn about Artificial Intelligence technology. Throughout 2018, children ages 8 to 15 and their families will explore core concepts of AI and use these tools to solve problems in their communities. Everyone will have the opportunity to enter their ideas into a global competition.

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